Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Master Bathroom

So we started with this.....

Then we painted and lived with this for a while

But in 2008 we started to make some serious changes. To this day, removing wallpaper is absolutely the most loathsome task we have ever attempted.

Then we removed a wall. Well . . .half  a wall

Then we took out the old tub, put in a new one (new to us) and tiled the area around it.
The tub, toilet and two sinks were from a newer home that was being
torn down due to structural problems. We bought them all for $100!  

We had to touch up all of the holes we left when we ripped down the wallpaper.

We have really begun to learn our limits when it comes to construction, so we paid someone to do the shower and tile the floor.

And just about a year later, we were done! 

 There are a few other little things we would like to do like change the countertops
and fix the mirror, but we are definitely happy with it for now!!

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