Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Laundry Room

The laundry room was probably the most simple of all of our projects. We weren't planning on getting to the laundry room just yet, but our hand-me-down washing machine busted and got water everywhere!  We decided since we had to pull everything out anyway, we might as well just replace the floors and paint while we are at it!  :)

Here are some before pics. These were taken after the washer broke so the washer and dryer are sort of pulled out from the wall.

We don't have a formal pantry so we put up some wire shelving in the laundry room to act as sort of an informal pantry. We did this a few years after we moved in.

We never finished painting the wood trim or inside of the door in the laundry room.

We pulled everything out, took out the cabinets and started painting. This is the only "during" picture I snapped :(

So here's the list of things we did:
        *Painted the walls
        *Painted the ceiling (it was not so "bright" white before)
        *Painted the trim
        *Made a curtain
        *Put down new flooring
        *Replaced the light fixture
        *Replaced the old door with a 6 panel door
        *Added 2 rows of wire shelving above the washer dryer
        *Got "new" (used) WHITE washer/dryer
        *Got baskets from dollar tree and labeled them
        *Installed a broom/mop holder
        *Added one more wire shelf on the "pantry" side
        *Made a couple of art pieces

And VoilĂ !! New laundry room!

We were considering ceramic tile, but we found a cheaper easier DIY option. There is a new version of peel and stick tile that is groutable. It didn't take any fancy saws or anything like that, just some big scissors!  It was much less expensive. And it grouts just like regular tile. Super simple! Super cheap! Super awesome! The other added bonus is that it doesn't get really cold like ceramic does. We think it looks great and it only took a few hours to install!!

 New 6 panel door with a new brush nickel handle.

I sewed a small piece of fabric to make the curtain and used stencils to paint it!
Things I love about the new laundry room:
1. Its super organized!
2. I love the color palate. The walls seem so clean and the floor has a nice slate look
3. We have plenty of storage in our informal "pantry" since we don't have a formal one
4. Its finished and it only took a few weeks! Our shortest project ever!!!!
Here is a pic from before we moved in. It's a better shot of the hideous floors. 
Here is a side by side before and after!