Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The New Floors and the New Living Room

In 2007, we put down new flooring in most of the house.  The carpet was pretty gross so we were glad to see it go. We chose laminate wood because it was affordable, but still looks very nice and is low maintenance. Here are some before and afters of the living room and hall.



These pictures were taken two weeks apart so you can see we were really busy! We added chair molding in the living room and repainted. We also got a lovely "new" leather sectional and ottoman from a yard sale for $325. Ok maybe it has a little wear on it but it was in great condition and its very comfy!!

The next step was to take down the door to the garage you see in the picture above and replace it with an open arched entry way into the future "new living room".  Brians parents moved in with us for a year and converted the garage into a small apartment with a full bathroom and put up a permenant wall in place of the garage door. We still shared the kitchen.  They had just moved out so we were ready to open it up! (Again on knowing our limitations-we thought about putting in the floors ourselves, but we decided to pay someone to do it because we would have surely messed them up! Also we paid someone to put in the archway and add the landing area)

Then we painted, put in carpet, moved the furniture in! It is very cozy and we are so glad to have a nice big living room!